About Us

Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Computer Centre is self-developed institute, An Autonomous Institution registered under the Trust Act, Govt. of India and also An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization. This institute was established on 20th Jan, 2017 . The institution has been established with the vision of being a reliable institute. Our motto is to educate and literate the students of rural and urban areas in the field of COMPUTER, providing the appropriate environment, facilities and guidance for the educational development of individuals. 

JNNYCC is affiliated by MSME(Govt. of India) and many more. JNNYCC is the place where you will find your tomorrow better because JNNYCC courses structure is on the basis of market demand. 

JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU NATIONAL YOUTH COMPUTER CENTRE is a leading organization with a social mandate for imparting quality computer education / Training to all specially the marginalized section of society. 


JNNYCC believe that the computer education manpower can add much more productive output and strengthen our national economy. The uniqueness of the organization lies in it’s reach to the grassroots level, which also provides excellent opportunity and growth. 

OUR VISION IS TO CONSIDER CORE EXPANSIONS AND DIVERSIFICATIONS. We believe in students’ satisfaction giving proper lab assistant, extra classes or doubt clearing classes, every kind of evaluation process that makes a student prominent in the field of computer education and in their coming future. It conducts motivational classes periodically to lessen down stress and pressure of the students. 



The greatest advantage of JNNYCC lies in its interactive approach - a concept which stimulates the spirit of innovation and self-achievement. The courses give the students freedom to develop their spirit of innovation and explore the professional world of computers with the guidance of JNNYCC experienced faculty and the following 3600 in house educational approaches :

Personalized teaching methodology.

Extensive hand on approach.

Video Audio Learning System.

Extra classes in career orientation and self-development.

After the completion of each module, the performance of the students is monitored through regular tests. Measure are taken to rectify their mistakes and improve their skills. All lectures are designed and updated periodically in corporate technological advancements. Lectures are planned in such a way that they enable the students to appear successfully in the job market and handle interviews confidently.


The placement cell of JNNYCC is responsible for coordinating the placement activities of the students of the institute. A placement coordinator from the faculty heads the placement cell with committee members representing the students. Almost all the placements activities are organized and coordinated by the students under the able guidance of faculty.